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I am a Life-long Visionary Entrepreneur, & Passionate Peak Performance Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist.

As Creator of SOHO (S mall O ffice/H ome O ffice) Business Tool Box, you will learn how to Brand YOU and transform how your business markets in the 21st century. Text: CoachB To: 90210 to experience and import my mobile card and grasp how to instantly create a mobile permission-based data base. It’s time to go green and through away your out-dated paper business card.

From Mobile & Social Media campaigns to Multi-Media Video WordPress, from Facebook Personal and Business Fan Pages to Second Generation Attraction Marketing Systems, from Google places to discovering how to target, acquire & retain clients…I am the coach for you if you are ready to shift how you do life and business!

I will coach you in identifying how to BRAND You First and BLOG Your Brand by uncovering your Expert Story that is uniquely YOU. That will enable you to BUILD & Take Your Success ($) to Your BANK, turning passions into profits.

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My goal is to connect, engage, collaborate & leverage our collective minds and talents in this mobile/social media revolution, helping YOU become your Authentic Millionaire Self!

What does that truly mean?  Millionaire Self doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation (you might choose to be your Billionaire Self).  The term simply represents your desired level of Financial Freedom. Honestly, that is relative and different for each individual.   If you don’t aspire to be Financially FREE, however, (meaning that you desire to possess the options and flexibility for choosing exactly what you want to do with your life), you have come to the wrong place for coaching!

My intention is to help YOU build Today…for Success Tomorrow…both offline and online in your businesses…WHATEVER IT TAKES! It’s not either/or…it’s both/and for building ultimate success!

Although I left coaching Women’s Basketball at the University of Kentucky in 1983, I have never left behind Teamwork and Collaboration as essential keys to my success in life and business. These keys are the food that feeds my mind, body and spirit

Are you a good fit for our MasterMind Team? Do you desire a coach who helps you find the Shift necessary to propel you forward? Read the following and see if it resonates for you. If  it does, fill out the box at the bottom with your name, email and phone number (yes, you have to leave a phone number because I will interview you by phone).

It is my Goal to Mastermind & work with the “Best of the Best,”and that is what I deliver to our Mastermind Team.

People often throw out the baby out with the bathwater through  either/or thinking regarding marketing, business, life…or anything.  I believe that marketing today requires a both/and approach.  That is what has led me to combining old school methods with new school marketing technology in order to deliver opportunities for Our Team that create Ultimate Massive Streams of Income. I leave no stone unturned.

I can easily miss a lot of details, so I make sure that I have SYSTEMS (Save Your Self Time Energy And Money) in place that allow me to think in visionary ways, and help you and others do the same.  I don’t choose to reinvent the wheel.  I keep my creative juices flowing by choosing better wheels as I discover them and greasing the current wheels with my own creative spin.

The best results, both offline and online, old school and new school, are manifested through building relationships and connecting with people. I have coined Age of Influence Marketing (tm) to describe this process.  It is precisely what I utilize to build businesses today. The term captures and represents what I  believe is a paradigm shift that is creating the first new business model in my lifetime. Remember, just because we all aren’t in the same business doesn’t mean we can’t choose to be on the same team! There are a myriad of ways to collaborate! Collaboration & Teamwork fire me up! Let’s do it together!

Age of Influence Marketing (tm) utilizes “collective intelligence,” which I have dubbed the new “expert” in today’s market, lending itself to this collaborate process, and is readily available due to technological advances such as the internet. Crowdsourcing, a new term for an ancient process, is an arm of Age of Influence Marketing (tm) that is being employed by businesses, connecting this new “expert” of collective intelligence globally.   That’s why I love coaching people in learning how to use innovative and new ideas to evolve into their Millionaire Self, representing their choice to experience financial freedom.

In About Me, you will note that I subscribe to Ancora Imparo (I AM Still Learning). The reality is that Italian renaissance artist Michelangelo’s saying is my daily motto. I figure that if it was good enough for him, this exquisite creator of such masterpieces as the Sistine Chapel and the sculpture of David, (who spoke these words at the age of 87), it is good enough for me!

The bottom line is that if you can grasp the importance of Ancora Imparo, the potential exists that you would be a good fit with our Mastermind Team. Why do I say that? We check out EVERYTHING. We have discovered that is the only way to have enough information to make an informed decision. We use information as a GPS to guide us through the unknown, the obstacles, and the overwhelm that we each encounter somewhere along the way. This basic philosophy and understanding is essential to working with me one-on-one.

One of my favorite philosophers is Socrates who said “The wise man knows that he knows nothing.” I daily employ the Socratic Method, which is one of questioning and inquiry.  The benefit is that it’s a process which works with any age group.  Why? Questioning leads people to discussions.  Discussions naturally lead people to turn to others and say, “Wow! You feel that way too?” NiRVANA!  Connection and Engagement have occurred!  In that moment, the cravings, anger, and ego out of which we often operate disappear and we feel at peace as we connect with those individuals.  

There are two Options for working with me one-on-one:

  1. F*REE if you purchase any new school marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M.(Save Your Self Time Energy & Money) or if you interview with me and our joint decision is for you to join with my Primary Business. Experience first-hand one of my marketing systems by calling toll-free (888) 440-9780. Leave a message and I will return your call.
  2. Hourly/Weekly/Monthly if you desire coaching for your business and/or life/relationship/s. I am the coach for YOU if you are ready to Shift2Relate in a different way to life/relationship/business. Visit Awakening2Life and GLBTcoach for more information.
A coaching colleague (in basketball) once told me that he didn’t always know exactly what he wanted in an assistant coach, but he definitely knew what he didn’t want. Sometimes…that is a good starting point when you can’t figure out what you do want in your life. The rest will reveal itself.
I love the picture above. Roby, my spouse and a photographer (, took it in our backyard, a healing energy place with ducks, Canadian geese and blue herons. This picture reminds me of all relationships, whether friendship, intimate, or business. What is on the outside or above the water can be fabulous and beautiful. What is beneath the surface often tells us more, and creates a dynamic reflection that is truly powerful.
There are three things that propel me daily and I encourage those I work with to consider them:
  1. I CHOOSE to live life unattached to a specific outcome! Why? It allows me to feel and experience fear, anger, and/or disappointment without becoming attached to/stuck in it. The HOW does not matter as I proceed, because Life is about PROGRESS…not perfection.Many have come to me with a desire to SHIFT past the how (HOW will I ever build this business? HOW will others respond to me? HOW will I have the relationship I want?  HOW will I learn  to market on the internet? How…How…How). That HOW starts people down a mental black rabbit hole. The blueprint for achieving your dreams is not the one family/friends/society has bestowed upon you.Choose to live life in this moment and allow it to evolve vs. getting attached to a specific outcome about HOW it will happen. Be committed to specific, small steps that allow your progress. Just reading this is one of those! Discovering from within how to “be” is That’s why we are called Human BEings vs. Human DOings.
  2. I visualize (vs. do) Whatever It Takes to keep the end result paramount in my mind. Remember…the how does not matter as I proceed, unattached to a specific outcome, experiencing the exhilaration of dancing on the edge before I leap, knowing that I will either fly or land on solid ground.
  3. I remember that Who I am is Enough. Whenever I forget, I remind myself again, and go back to #1 & #2 above!

A coaching client of mine (thank you, Sonja) gave me a spirit rock when she completed her initial coaching with me that says, I Am Enough. It occupies a sacred spot in my table waterfall in my sun room, right alongside my Whatever It Takes spirit rock and reminds me of what I learn from my clients.

Yes, indeed I AM Still Learning!

The Coaching/mentoring/masterminding relationship is one built on trust, without which there is no reason to engage. It’s about the relationship we will build together. My process is that I provide a mirror for those things which you cannot yet see (perhaps your potential) but which already exist. I reflect the deepest knowing of your best you. I look for four CORE criteria in determining whether or not we’re a good fit, whether that involves masterminding together or you having me coach you one-on-one via one of the previously described two options.

  1. The COMMITMENT to Ancora Imparo as a daily ritual (I AM Still Learning).
  2. The OPPORTUNITY created by YOUR DESIRE to look at people, situations, and business from
    a BOTH/AND perspective vs. an either/or one.
  3. The REQUEST to be held accountable for Your Own Success, while being supported by me and/or others who provide an environment in which you can Soar and Achieve Your Dreams.
  4. The ENGAGING PASSION for being Financially Free, and the desire to have the Options and Flexibility it can provide for you, your family, and your dreams.

It’s that ONE DECISION time. If what I shared appeals to you, put in your name, email and phone number. Or…if you now can hardly wait, call me now at 360-305-0909 to speak with me personally (or leave a message if I am unavailable) and I will call you back. You can also call toll-free at (877) 859-2017, leave a message with you name and number, and experience a Coach B New School Marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M in the process. For Skype: CoachBerry2.

And when you think you can’t hear NO one more time, think again. Indeed, YES is the destination (Yes, I will buy your product…Yes, I will go out with you…Yes, I will commit to you for life…Yes, I will join your Team) is the destination…NO is how you get there! If you need some help in this area, visit Go For No Now. My friend, Andrea Waltz, offers her free 3 minute “Go For No Intro” video. I suggest watching that several times a week! I do!

Walk Worthy…I look forward to personally speaking with you soon.

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GREAT BOOKS THAT I LOVE…Business, Relationship, Mind, Body, Spirit…it’s all integrated. It’s not either/or…it’s Both/And!

I have also shared ones in other languages as available…shows the scope of this LYF Quest!

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