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Combining ONLINE & OFFLINE marketing? The Network Marketers Secret Weapon…

Ok…you’re here to sign up for tonight’s webinar to learn one of the most powerful offline marketing strategies a network marketer could get their hands on.  If you have watched my videos, you know that I talk about INTEGRATING old school with new school marketing tools and strategies…not throwing the baby out with the bath water.  This isn’t an either/or approach to business.  Combining the two makes it a both/and approach.

Not only are you going to learn one of the most powerful offline marketing strategies, the best part is that you are going to be able to immediately implement this strategy into YOUR web of marketing.

When I talk about Branding YOU Today…for Success Tomorrow…this is what I mean.

Since I have recently shared two powerful webinars about blogging, I thought I would let you experience how some of the techniques work.  Notice that I didn’t give you the link to the webinar directly in the email you received. 

I brought you here…to my blog…you can use this technique too!

Now…here’s what you came for…the link to tonight’s webinar.  Click here and sign up now!! It’s only a few hours before it begins!  See you there!

Before you leave, be sure and check out my previous blog post.  If you are serious about your health and fitness (who isn’t?), you will want to read that recent post!

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