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Personal Dev.

Your Personal Development, encompassing the integration of your Mind, Body, & Spirit, is essential.  Why?Your outward life success is simply a mirror of  your internal journey and is reflected in how you show up.

It’s all about CHOICES. One key choice is, regardless of your current circumstances, GET HAPPY TODAY (A short video that is  MUST-SEE!). Get happy with yourself…love yourself…and you will have more than enough energy to expend on others.

The CORE of who you are is is essential as a solid foundation upon which to build. This foundation must be built from within; otherwise, it will easily crumble when faced with obstacles. Without the synchronization of this CORE mind, body and spirit, you miss out on part of the gift of life, and your ability to share it with others.

I have either personally used and had clients use the following, and they have brought great joy and self evolution to both me and them.  May they bring you the same!

Centerpointe Research Institute with Bill Harris (You may have seen him in extraordinary movie, The Secret).
I was introduced to Holysync through Centerpointe. They call it the “Lazy’s Man’s Way to Meditate.”

I call it the “Smart Woman’s Way to Meditate Quicker, not Longer.”

It goes along with my philosophy that…
1) Relationships are easy and natural (we are the ones who make them difficult, if they are indeed difficult)

2) Business is more FUN & makes more sense when we work smarter vs. harder.


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Healthy, Wealthy, Wise
#1 Thing to Know to Get ‘The Secret’ to Work In Your Life – F*REE Video

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise
Secrets to Create Inner & Outer Wealth…F*REE Interviews

GREAT BOOKS THAT I LOVE…Ones about business have a mind, body, spirit component so don’t let the “business” part fool you! :)   I have also shared the other language ones available…shows the scope of this LYF Quest!

At LYF Quest, there is a LYF Center!
It resonates with everything I have shared on this page…check it out and see for yourself!

And then, READ THIS and see if you want to explore LYF with me.