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QR Codes will be the Mobile Social Media Marketing Darling of 2011

QR Codes will be the Mobile Social Media Marketing Darling of 2011

Here’s Coach B’s Prediction: Combined with mobile, QR Codes emerge as the top digital marketing technology in the United States in 2011.  Yes, I believe they are finally going to have their breakout moment & SOAR! That means QR Codes will go both mobile and social! Watch for them. You are going to see them everywhere!  With 51% of the population carrying smart phones, how could they NOT finally arrive and be utilized for marketing?  I believe they will be huge for the three big R’s…Retail, Restaurants & Real Estate. And that’s just the beginning.

John Foley, president/CEO of interlinkOne, says,

QR codes offer a number of benefits for marketers. One of the most important is the ability to tie together the print, mobile and Web channels to increase the response rates on multichannel marketing efforts.

Since QR codes make it easy for people to jump from print to the Web, this intelligent tool can add to the success of your personalized URL (PURL) campaigns, too

A QR Code is a Quick Response Code which is “activated” through placing your smart phone over the top of it, delivering pertinent information via these two dimensional codes.    The following videos will visually show you the power of QR Codes.

What do you see when you look at the QR Codes (called QRC’s) below?  Gibberish? A jigsaw puzzle? Are you left scratching your head? Don’t feel badly.  You may have never seen one of these before!

If you don’t have a card reader, go to the bottom of this post and download one for free, and then scan these!  “Read it” for yourself!  If you don’t have a smart phone, find someone who does and have some FUN!


Guess what this one is?

The U.S. has lagged behind the eight ball with QR Codes, while their use has flourished from Japan (where it was first developed in 1994) to Brazil. The time is now for digital marketing integration involving QR codes and mobile marketing.

Think I am kidding? Look at a commercial in Japan. Though I took the University of Kentucky Women’s basketball team to Japan in 1981, 82 & 83 when I coached at UK (and learned some Japanese), I honestly cannot understand anything except the fact that the video has over 600,000 views! That’s all I need to understand about the viability of QR Codes! The Japanese must already understand something about QR Codes that we don’t!

Here’s a creative use by a book store in Brazil. This got my wheels turning! I LOVE this!

Here’s a great creative campaign from Japan about alternative music.

The United States WILL catch up to the value of utilizing QR Codes. The Million Dollar Question is WHEN? Read how QR Codes will be coming to your TV!

I came back and edited this blog soon after posting because I discovered a video about a dual function QR Code campaign, implemented by the most unlikely of “marketers!” Very exciting!  The U.S. is coming around!

If you don’t yet have an app for scanning QR Codes, following are some links to set up your own two Dimensional Bar Code and the free reader to connect to them.  Just have some fun with QR Codes, and be prepared to be “in the know” by the time they hit big time!

i-nigma Reader – This is one of the best at reading any code it scans

Scan Life – This is one of the biggest

This photo shows the various ways in which you can set up a QR Code through Scan Life.

Scan Life is great for the reporting feature it also offers.

I love the site, QR Stuff, because I can have the QR Code in color! (Hey…I didn’t formerly own an interior design business for no reason!  I like a little “style” when it’s possible and color adds it!)  The following one is actually a sms message…

Neo Reader


Snap Maze – also allows you to choose a color


Here’s some articles on the viability of QR Codes:

I am grateful to Cheryl James for introducing me to QR Codes.  Frankly I had never heard of them until reading her blog post!  I definitely became intrigued with them immediately.

Social Media Trends for 2011

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How To Use a Vision Board to Engage the Law of Attraction

How To Use A Vision Board to Engage the Law of Attraction

Just like you put your car in drive to engage your engine so that you can drive it and move forward rather than remaining in neutral, engage the Law of Attraction and manifest what you want easily!

Bellagio, our boat, is coming into our means “beautiful life!”  Text JackCanfield to 90210 and learn more about his Success Principles!  They resonate with the Law of Attraction.  You can also text TUT to 90210.  That will give you the opportunity to get Mike Dooley’s free daily Notes from the Universe and be a part of his “Totally Unique Thoughts” Adventure Club.  Read about his books,  Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change…It couldn’t be easier! You will learn that “Thoughts Become Things,” as Mike remind us! Surround yourself with ideas that feed you!

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YouIncStarVideoChallenge Day 2 – Peter Sisson Speaks about VoicePoint & Toktumi Line2…people listen!

YouIncStarVideoChallenge Day 2 – Peter Sisson Speaks about Toktumi Line2 and people listen!

Week 1, Day 2 and going strong!

Do you consider yourself a top network marketer? Then get a professional communications system!  Create a BIG COMPANY “Fortune 500″ image at a small business price.  That’s right…this won’t break your piggy bank!

Amazing company, VoicePoint, marketing fabulous product with exemplary track record and awards (Toktumi, prounounced “Talk-To-Me,” with Line2 was named #10 in the Top 100 Brilliant Ideas for 2010 by Entreprenuer Magazine).  Top that off with Peter Sisson, developer of product and CEO of the company which was named one of the Top 10 Tech companies to follow! You can’t beat this combination.

Not only do you have the opportunity to check out a product that is drastically needed by this industry to elevate how you are perceived in the marketplace, you have a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor with an already highly successful product that is now going to be offered peer-to-peer by VoicePoint.  The company’s launch is built around one element…marketing Toktumi Line2, a powerfully and highly successful product that David Pogue and the New York Times have said has “the potential to shake up an entire industry!”

“Like” our FB page and do what it says, and you could win a year of service with this HOT…PROFESSIONAL…Communications System for your business!

If you want to experience Toktumi, call my toll-free# (yes, you get that FREE with your service) at 1-888-440-9780.

Toktumi is a hosted PBX Phone Service…on on your cell, on your computer, on your time. But…there’s more!

Have an iphone? Line 2 gives you a FREE second line with full separate contacts list for business…keep your cell phone number private!

Have an iPad or iPod Touch? I can show you how to make it into a phone utilizing Toktumi Line2!  No kidding!

Need to conference in 20 people? You can do that using your Toktumi softphone software that you can use on your computer, and then transfer the call to your cell phone as you walk out the door for another appointment!  (Make sure you have it set up hands free for driving!)

The list goes on and on!
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What does triathlon training have to do with your Business Success?

Glad you’re BACK! Listen, the best way for us to stay CONNECTED & ENGAGED is to pull out your cell phone, and text “CoachB” to 90210 right NOW! Join my Text Family & Get exclusive updates and special offers available ONLY to You!

What does triathlon training have to do with your Business Success?


“To be, or not to be: that is the question,” said William Shakespeare (from Hamlet)

“To tri or not to tri: that is the question,” said Dotti Berry (from Trek Women Triathlon Series).

Yes, I made the decision to tri.  My friend, Sheldon, who has ALS and  Sally Edwards, the legendary triathlon icon, both inspired Roby and me through the manner in which they approach life.

You can “try” or you can “tri.” People get the two confused.

The way it seems most people refer to “try” is via the following dictionary definition:

v. to make an effort or attempt:  he tried to climb a cliff

I don’t know what you believe, but in the above scenario, the person either climbed a cliff…or he didn’t.

True Story:  I had a person hand me a salt shaker one time and say, “Try to move that salt shaker across the table.”  I picked it up and moved it to the other side.  He said, “No, I said ‘try” to move it.”  So, I held it, making great effort to hold on to it before finally moving it.  He looked at me and said, “In life, you either do something or you don’t.  Trying is an illusion.”  That lesson stuck with me.

People often confuse success with lots of effort.  Ironically, the opposite is often true.

Extra energy expended is often detrimental. Think I am kidding?

Think about Michael Jordan. Think about other world class athletes. Their movements are fluid and efficient.

The key to success, whether in sports or business, is eliminating extra and unnecessary effort, movement and energy.  It is refining the behaviors and actions so that processes and systems are as efficient as possible.

You can “try” to complete a tri, but in the end result, you either complete it or you don’t.

And that is why completing a tri has everything to do with business success…if you understand the connection.

You either make the calls you need to make…or you don’t.

You either follow up…or you don’t.

You can “try to succeed” in business; however, you either succeed or you don’t.  Assume 100% responsibility for either achieving business success or not achieving business success, without blaming others when you fail.  This will enable you to refine those skills, behaviors and actions which lead to increased success the next time.

Tri it…you’ll like it!

That’s what we did for Sheldon… in honor of who he is in life.

In the second short video, Monica shows how choosing to learn to swim enabled her to complete a tri.  Go Monica!  Choose tri over try!

Get a free digital branding billboard for your business like mine below,

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Find A Professional…Market Your Business Card 2 for FREE at

Find A Professional…Market Your Business Card 2 for FREE at

That’s right. You can drop your digital business card on my blog for FREE! Don’t you love the opportunity to market your brand…your services…on my blog…for FREE?

Have you ever “dropped your business card” into a fishbowl many times throughout the years, whether that be a the local Chamber of Commerce meeting,  at your favorite restaurant, or during a raffle. more!  That was yesterday.  BusinessCard2 is today! This digital web container allows you to have all of your professional and social identities docked in one place, as well as have links to your videos, websites, slidshares, and powerpoint presentations.

Your digital business card can be easily shared on Facebook with a link that shows up as “Expand my card,” allowing your web container (like mine at the end of this post) to open right there inside of Facebook!  You can take your personal brand all over the internet, yet makes changes in only one spot!

This is an amazing personal branding tool that enables YOU to share YOUR story.  Who, besides you, knows it better?

You can visit my BusinessCard2 at Ask Coach Berry.

To market yourself for FREE, all it takes is two easy steps.

  1. Go to Brand You First and set up your FREE BusinessCard2.  The only commitment on our part is is a time one in setting up your details.
  2. “Drop it” by clicking on the side side of my blog, where it says, “Find a Professional.”  Once you have your own BusinessCard2, you can drop it at multiple locations!

“Find a Professional” is a new BusinessCard2 feature I recently added.  And guess what?  This feature is also FREE! Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does!

If you like this and want to connect with me via mobile, just text “CoachB” to 90210. You will be able to upload all of my contact info directly into your phone and/or address book connected to your email program.  You will also be able to receive more cutting edge information about new school marketing tools and systems that can help you brand yourself, explode your business and take it to the next level!

You can also Sign up one time & receive reminders for a weekly “Ask Coach Berry” Training2Transform webinar that I offer FREE! You will discover cutting edge information each week. Why do I say that?  I will bet you were not aware about BusinessCard2.  I like finding the golden nuggets and bringing them to you!  Join us!

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3rd Annual Still Waters Music Festival with Angie Foster and Marcia Kester!

3rd Annual Still Waters Music Festival –

It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or pleasure…it’s all about connecting and engaging and a sense of community! It’s what we value the most! As we approach the last Saturday in July, keep this in mind.

Yes, it’s that time again! There is indeed a season and a time for everything!  Instead of Eat, Pray, Love...this is Eat, Dance, Pay for Tickets!

It’s all happening down by the still waters at 4451 Masterson Road; Blaine, WA  98230 on Saturday July 31, 2010!

Here’s the general outline for the evening.  Pay Pal button is at the end of this post!

5:00 p.m. – Arrive for beginning of potluck – Bring whatever food you like…it always seems to work out!  We will be grilling some chicken.

5:30-5:45 p.m. – Roby’s cousin, Kyle Carlson, may join us again this year to play a few Beatles’ songs as potluck begins

6:00-6:30 p.m. – Marcia Kester – experience a little of Marcia during dinner and get your dancing shoes ready for later!

Marcia can be found singing and playing around Western Washington as a Solo Singer/Guitarist or with her band, A FEW GOOD MEN.Her voice tells the whole story: the heat, the honey and a bit of Delta hardscrabble. A savory vocal texture that falls somewhere between Patsy Cline and Bonnie Raitt and on towards the Shania Twain zone. Her arrangements add a modern flavor to classic songs… A taste of rock in the country tunes and a dash of country in the rock.

6:30-7;00 p.m. - BREAK – a chance to mingle and talk before two sets by Angie Foster.  Angie says, “I’m a Portland-based, singer/songwriter/pianist. with a Sarah McLachlan meets Sara Bareilles vibe. Or so I’ve been told. (I know I should act cool, but wow, that comparison tickles the hell out of me!)”

7:00-7:45 p.m.Angie Foster/1st set - Awesome upcoming blues singer & more! Check out her new cd released in June, 2010.

A contemporary pop songstress who creates as much magic on the keys as with her voice, Angie Foster will shake you to your shoes with soaring melodies and brilliant lyrics that seem to speak directly to you and you alone. And then, when you’re least expecting it, she’ll blast out a wicked tune smacking of sex and fun – and suddenly all is extraordinarily right with the world. Give yourself a special present today … and buy this glorious work!–Kimberly Gadette

8:00-8:45 p.m.Angie Foster/2nd set – be sure and see some more of the reviews about Angie at the end of this post!

8:45-9:00 p.m.- Break 9-11 p.m. - Marcia plays dance music (11 p.m. is official Ranch Quiet Time, so the music will stop, but conversations usually continue around the fire pit)


Click on the button below to purchase your ticket PRIOR to the event…will just make it easier as people arrive! We will have a list at the door of everyone who has paid! Use the drop down box to make your selection if it is more than one ticket. The price is:

  • $15 for one ticket
  • $25 for two tickets

Come, bring a friend and have a great time!

Ticket Prices

Album Notes from Angie Foster’s Hurry Up and Wait, just release in June, 2010:
This album was recorded over a two-year period, which is why it’s called Hurry Up and Wait. There were lots of major events that put the album aside for a while, including an engagement and wedding.
Sometimes, the wait is worth it…especially for this album!
author: Brian Ball, Music Editor ~ WomensRadio
If the venom of snakebites were as sweet as the songs on Angie Foster’s newest release, Hurry Up…And Wait, you’d find us hanging out in tall grass, gardens, back yards and front lawns seeking out the addictive toxin that flows from the proverbial fangs of this welcomingly poisonous Portland-based singer-songwriter for a long time to come. Whether you’re seeking warm and comforting vocals that exude pop perfection in an “Elton John meets Taylor Swift at a backyard Hollywood BBQ” or progressive and experimental music that crosses genres like jaywalking pedestrians, your search is about to come to a screeching halt. Take, for example, the opening track, “Way It Should Be”, with hints of Americana sprinkled throughout and maintaining an alt. rock demeanor; Ms. Foster takes the listener to the top of the mountain and back again in just over four minutes, without losing the allure of her humble softness. If the smoky sounds of 60’s soul are more your flavor, the ageless orchestration of “Can’t Hold On” will take you there just as easily as acts like The Delfonics or Mary Wells have throughout the last half-century. One of our favorites on Hurry Up…And Wait is the highly contemplated composition, “Ordinary Day”, which brings to mind elements from such revered artists as Radiohead and The Beatles; and through subtle musings that incorporate folk/pop/classical/contemporary structuring, Ms. Foster is able to share an extraordinarily compelling story of longing and displacement. This is one which may require the listener to shampoo, rinse and repeat to truly appreciate all of the intricacies, but will surely end up making a lasting impression on anyone who takes the time to truly listen. As the album moves into the autumn season of its playtime, songs like “Further to Fall” offer a nod to groups like The Police or the Goo Goo Dolls with Angie’s exceptional presence and her blend of uniquely cognitive pop music, while the blues come alive on the instant-classic, “Make It Alright”. This song has the potential to sell out the largest of stadiums, drawing crowds for miles in any direction and further stoking the fire better known as Angie Foster. “Angie Foster’s methodically constructed vocal compositions enter the port of the listener’s soul like a listless rolling fog, leaving behind a thick residue of musical memory and pop sensibility.” –Brian Ball, Music Editor ~ WomensRadio

Read more…

Awesomely Soulful CD
author: Anmarie Jezorski
The killer combination of Angie’s soulful vocals and introspective songwriting makes this CD a must have! You will lose yourself in the ballads and want to dance along with the horns and energetic piano accompaniments. This CD has a little bit of everything – soul, blues, pop and jazz! I love the mix and I think you will too! Give it a listen.

Read more…

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iZigg is dot com that won’t burst | iZigg retail with 90210 is Live!

iZigg is dot com that won’t burst | iZigg retail with 90210 is Live!

If you have a business, and you are serious about connecting and engaging with your current clients and attracting the target audience that will propel your business to the next level, choose iZigg.  Choosing a unique key word and combining it with the most famous short code in the global marketplace, 90210,  is simply a no-brainer.

Whatever It Takes, grab this opportunity to get unlimited text messaging for a year for your business for only $2495!  There isn’t a better marketing deal for text messaging in the global marketplace.  Here’s a challenge. If you find a better deal, Text:  CoachB  To: 90210 and tell me.  I will check it out and acknowledge it right here on my blog!

Be a winner in this gold rush!   Visit CoachB 90210.

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“IZigg Me” will translate to “Text Me” in Mobile Social Media Revolution

iZigg Me!” replaces “Buzz me!” in the Mobile Social Media Revolution!

Join iZigg Leaders tonight at 6:30pm EST 9:30pm PST. Agents and Guests all welcome!

712-432-0075  Pin number = 643053#

I wrote a recent post with a headline, “iZigg…you zagg…I text CoachB to 90210…you text funky numbers I can’t remember!”

I have said it before and I will say it again. iZigg is a game changer!

Understanding WHY this is true is essential to making the best choice for marketing your company in the future.

In the past, we said to people “Buzz me,” translating to “Call me.”  There was no company that branded in such a way to take advantage of that.

Social media has changed EVERYTHING!

People today say, “Tweet me” for Twitter, and “Friend me” for Facebook.

In both cases, the verbal comment translates to branding the company.

In the past, it was symbols that created a brand.  The Nike swoosh is one example.  Today, they don’t have to put “Nike” beneath the swoosh for people to recognize that it is a Nike product.

iZigg is going to change EVERYTHING…again!

The branding of iZigg 90210 through verbal comments means that, in the future,  ”iZigg me” will translate to “Text me,” and people will be able to remember 90210, the most famous short code in the global marketplace!

Instant recognition…instant branding.  They will be the first “Verizon, Sprint, or AT & T” in mobile marketing.  There is currently no recognized BRAND in the mobile media industry.

IZigg has truly fired the shots and created the beginning of the Mobile Media Revolution.  Mobile media will PUSH social media out into the marketplace in a new way, creating the Mobile Social Media Revolution.

Rather than a statement of “Join the Revolution,” a question puts it more precisely, “Who WOULDN’T want to join this Revolution?”

Now you understand why iZigg holds more potential than any other mobile marketing company out there!

iZigg is a large media agency, offering media agency “franchise type” opportunities to individuals, enabling you to create mobile marketing campaigns for your clients (and much, much more in the future).  Mock up a few and share with potential clients.  That’s what I did when I met with Sally Edwards, triathlon icon, in Seattle on Monday.  It was great fun to be a part of the audience in the show, A NewDay Pacific NW, and then to hear her speak that evening…especially since Roby and I are participating in the Trek Women Triathlon on September 19 in Seattle…our first!

If you have an iZigg Media agency and you would like to learn an easy way to do mockups, a visual way to show potential clients about iZigg Mobile Media, sign up for my FREE webinar I will present on Thursday, July 22 at 6 pm PST/9 EST.

Here’s link to my Facebook  album with some more mockups I have presented or am presenting to businesses.

Mcard from iZigg is THE mobile card you need.  TEXT: CoachB TO: 90210 to receive mine. Utilize the Mcard along with BusinessCard2, an online digital billboard that brands & promotes YOU! BusinessCard2 is a  complete web container where you tell your story. After all, who knows your story better?  Partnered with the Mcard, you have a 1-2 marketing/branding/promotion vehicle that will explode your business.  And…the best part about BusinessCard2 is that it is FREE!  You can get yours at Brand You First.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you get your Free Busines Card2 at Brand You First., come back and click on “Find a Professional.”  You will see the tab on the right side of my blog. Then you can “drop your card” on my blog where people can find YOU! And…that’s also a free tool that I just implemented!

Here’s link to a recorded webinar with Lief Larson, President of Workface and developer of BusinessCard2.

Check out my BusinessCard2 below!

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It’s Official! iZigg Launched & is LIVE! Text Coach B to 90210 & Join The Mobile Media Revolution!

It’s Official! iZigg Launched & is LIVE! Text Coach B to 90210 & Join The Mobile Media Revolution!

Get ready. Social Media is going to propel it! That’s why I refer to it as the Mobile Social Media Revolution.  It goes together like a hand in a glove.

If you are a serious business person, you are going to want to do one or both of the following:

  1. Use Mobile Marketing for your Business – iZigg, offering the branding opportunity of combining 90210, the most memorable and researched five digit code in the global marketplace,  with your unique key word ,gives you an equity branding position.  No other mobile media company can offer this unique positioning!
  2. Carpe Diem – Yes, seize the day with iZigg as a business opportunity! iZigg has a binary compensation plan.  You can watch a webinar on demand presentation at iZigg SMS. It gives you a tour around the back office, showing you how easy it is to set up campaigns and also gives a brief summary of the comp plan. To see a detailed outline of the comp plan, visit CoachB90210 and click in the middle section where it says “WOW” and you will see the Official Comp Plan symbol.  Click on that for full disclosure & details.
    The bottom line is that NOW is the time to join with our iZigg 90210 Dream Team!  Remember “Where’s the Beef?” with Clara?  I tell people, “Be sure and ask, ‘Where’s The Value?’ “

    Let me answer that question as follows:

    • One KEY value point is that the closer you get to me, the more you benefit as I will be placing people under you!  That delivers one essential component to you…LEVERAGE.  Yes, your leverage is increased when you join us now.
    • You will be joining the  #1 Team in iZigg when you join our Dream Team comprised of many savvy internet marketers.  That is a bonus added value!  Why?  We are already teaching our team how to succeed via internet marketing.  Sure…this is a great product to share with family and friends who have businesses.  They will literally thank you for helping their business move to the next level with this mobile, text message, permission-based marketing.  AND…we also know that we don’t want to leave any stone unturned and miss an opportunity.  We will simultaneously teach you how to reach individuals and businesses outside your current sphere of influence.

This second point is what I call Age of Influence Marketing.  I do not subscribe to the either/or (offline/online) philosophy.  My business approach is both/and. Why choose one marketing method over the other when you can integrate the two and have twice the success!

Click on picture below to be taken to my website. You have several options.  You can:

  1. Personally utilize the product for your business by selecting a product (see below and text CoachB to 90210 about a creating mobile marketing campaign for your business!)
  2. Join at the $99 level and offer mobile products to your clients
  3. Join at the $448 ($349 + $99) – Build a Team & also have the ability to direct sale mobile products to your clients

Like my digital branding billboard below? Get yours FREE & Promote YOU at BrandYouFirst. Then drop at the tab on the right side of my blog that says, “Find a Professional!” It’s FREE marketing…sweet deal, huh? Pass me a hershey’s kiss!

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iZigg is LIVE! TEXT this message: CoachB To this number: 90210. Go Where The Eyes Are!

iZigg is LIVE! TEXT this message: CoachB To this number: 90210. Go Where The Eyes Are!

This video says it all! This is the day mobile media changes forever. WHY?  iZigg with 90210, the most recognized 5 digit code in the global marketplace, is the first mobile media company that can brand with its short code.  That is a game changer!

iZigg 90210 is a push, not a pull.  It will PUSH your brand, your product, your services, your event, out into the marketplace with social media power. iZigg is creating the Mobile Social Media Revolution!

Branding + Quality Product = SUCCESS!

90210 + Your Unique Key Word (Your Quality Product) = SUCCESS!

You can purchase unlimited texting for marketing your Brand…your product…your services…your event…for only $2495 for one year.

Like my digital branding billboard below? Get yours FREE & Promote YOU at BrandYouFirst. Then drop at the tab on the right side of my blog that says, “Find a Professional!” It’s FREE marketing…sweet deal, huh?  Pass me a hershey’s kiss!

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Using iZigg – Text CoachB to 90210 – How Can a Text Campaign go Viral?

Using iZigg – Text CoachB to 90210 – How Can a Text Campaign go Viral?

This will be updated periodically as I see examples of mobile campaigns that do go viral.  It will also highlight missed opportunities by companies and what they could have done to enhance a marketing campaign by combining it with a mobile campaign.

On that note,  Chick-Fil-A missed a key opportunity when they had  Cow Appreciation Week July 5-9, 2010, and didn’t combine mobile marketing with it.  This video below talks about the power of viral marketing & what Chick-Fil-A could have done. The picture below shows it.

If if was good enough for Democrat Obama who now sits in the White House, Republican Meg Whitman figures it is good enough for her as she aspires to be Governor of California.

Politicians are understanding full well the opportunity that text marketing offers.  Check out the California Governor’s race, and see how Meg Whitman is using a text campaign to foster goodwill and create volunteers for the balance of the race.

Meg Whitman, prior CEO of Ebay has her own short code: 46634

Meg Whitman’s CA Governor Race Text Campaign:

The campaign return text thanks the person who opted in and asks for their zip code to share when Meg will next be in your area for a public appearance. After you supply the zip code, you receive a request to volunteer. Because we like to work with friends, the potential for this Text to be forwarded is huge.

Matt Arndt with iZigg shares the following example of a viral marketing campaign, literally IN ACTION!

Join the Band! – TMobile challenged aspiring musician Josh Ward in the UK to ask “What would you do with free texts and internet for life?”  Check out the result:


Text CoachB to 90210 with any questions!
Webinar Topic for Thursday, July 8 & July 15, 2010:

Is Your Digital Business Card Still Blank? Shift to Business Card 2. Brand YOU First…Today!

Thursday, July 8, 6 p.m. PST - Lief Larson, President of Workface and Developer of BusinessCard2, a free online digital business card, will present marketing tips on how to effectively utilize your BusinessCard2 for branding yourself and promoting your business and products.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR.

Go now and secure your FREE DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD!

Thursday, July 15, 6 p.m. PST -

Training2Transform Webinars on New school Marketing Tools for the Mobile, Social Media & SOHO (S mall Office/H ome O ffice) Revolutions.

Sign up one time here & receive weekly reminders. If you can’t attend one week, no worries. Catch us the next week! Our goal is to assist you in marketing your business more efficiently, effectively & economically!

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iZigg mobile media means text “CoachB” to 90210 to join iZigg

iZigg mobile media means text “CoachB” to 90210 to join izigg

Mindset + Attitude = the mental foundation for SUCCESS, whether in life, relationships or business!

Ready. Aim. FIRE! Shots have been fired and the Mobile Revolution has begun.  The question is whether or not you want to join and have the opportunity through being a part of our iZigg 90210 Dream Team. You will be able to utilize 90210, the most recognized 5 digit short code in the global marketplace, for your personal mobile media business campaigns and/or have your own media agency and be able to offer this dynamic mobile media to other businesses.

iZigg 90210 isn’t just a shift.  This is a genuine game changer. 90210 CSC (Common Short Code) is both memorable & brandable…an unbeatable combination when used with your unique keyword.  Whether you need a mobile media campaign for your business and/or want an opportunity to own your own media agency, iZigg 90210 Dream Team with Coach Dotti Berry is the place to conenct, engage, collaborate & leverage!

Go to iZigg SMS for our webinar on demand.  You can watch a short 30 minute webinar that takes you through the iZigg back office, showing you how easy it is to set up a marketing campaign.  There is a short review of the compensation plan that shows you the opportunity available through securing your own media agency.  Text Coach B to 90210 with questions!

Our iZigg 90210 Dream Team is exactly that!  A group of savvy internet marketers utilizing mobile media in their own businesses.

Who will you find on the iZigg 90210 Dream Team?  Three Smart Chicks, Dotti Berry, Clare Kelway and Kathy Sammons, offering workshops and webinars “How to Connect & Engage Clients in the Mobile & Social Media Revolution.”

Join me weekly and “Ask Coach Berry” ANY question you want about mobile and social media marketing!

FREE Weekly “Ask Coach Berry” Training2Transform Webinars on New school Marketing Tools for the Mobile, Social Media & SOHO (S mall Office/H ome O ffice) Revolutions – Sign up one time & receive weekly reminders.  If you can’t attend one week, no worries. Catch us the next week!  Our goal is to assist you in marketing your business more efficiently, effectively & economically! SIGN UP NOW!

Text CoachB to 90210 and have all of my contact information immediately available in your cell phone.


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